Suggested cave, reef and wreck diving options

Trip 1- APO REEF

The world's second largest coral reef offers stunning marine seascapes and an amazing diversity of marine life. For a detailed description of Apo Reef and the best times to dive there please check out our Dive…

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Trip 2 – Coron Wrecks

Coron – quite simply, is a wreck divers' heaven in the Philippines!

Wreck lovers can dive seven huge World War II wrecks here, plus several smaller ones. Maximum depth is…

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Trip 3 – Maestre de Campo

Maestre de Campo is a small island on the eastern side of Mindoro and offers another great wreck dive on the Mactan Ferry. She sank during a typhoon in the seventies and rests now on…

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Trip 4 – Cavern Diving (very experienced divers only):

Add an additional day to your Coron Wrecks trip to explore the fantastic Cathedral Cave south of Coron or the Colocoto Rock Cavern between Apo Reef and Coron. However, for safety reasons – both of…

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Trip 5 – Cave Diving

(Sorry- technical divers with overhead environment training only)

Dive the fantastic Paglugaban Cave in El Nido (northern Palawan)! This "Mexico style" cave is a must see for every Cave diver! Crystal clear…

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Trip 6 – Ultimate Cave Diving

We also offer a purely Cave diving trip. Check out the deep section of the Colocoto Rock cavern shaft going all the way down to 60m.

Explore the second chamber of Cathedral…

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