Technical Diving in the Philippines.

Technical Diving is our passion – and one of the main reasons why all of us at South East Asia Dive Adventures decided to get into the business of liveaboard diving.

Rags II is one of the few liveaboard's in South East Asia, equipped and flexible enough to cater to Tech divers – as well as recreational divers. While we usually keep both styles of diving separated, we have successfully run trips accommodating mixed groups at the same time.

Careful preparation, planning – and selection of instructor and dive guides – has allowed us to do this.

Rags II can get you to the most exciting and remote wrecks or caves in the Philippines, while still offering an affordable price range.

We are based in Puerto Galera, the famous technical diving capital of the Philippines (probably the whole of Asia) and offer personal charters for your group to varied destinations for any kind of diving project you have in mind.

We rely on a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources unique in a country like the Philippines.

Our Operations Manager, Ralph, is a keen and experienced Tech diver and Trimix Instructor – and will be happy to assist you, every step of the way.

From the first spark of an idea for a technical diving expedition – to its spectacular diving conclusion, he's on hand for advice and guidance.

Why not try a tri-mix / scooter trip to Apo Reef and explore the endless deep walls there. Few people have ever checked out the deeper portions of the reef.

Want to capture everything in unbelievable High Definition video quality? Our friends from UEP offer rental of a complete broadcast quality Sony HD system including twin 50 W HID lighting capable of depths to 180m.

See the, "Our Friends", link on the Home page for more info on this.

We also offer technical dive training in cooperation with our friends from Tech Asia (Ralph used to teach there as well – and still does, when he can).

Complete your classroom and confined course work in Puerto Galera – then experience the best tech diving has to offer for your training dives on a trip with Rags II.

Technical Instructors from other areas with limited diving available love to use Rags II as a platform to offer their students technical dive training in a safe and exciting way…. We have it all:

  • Fascinating wrecks in every depth range – from shallow & easy – to deep tech.
  • Ideal for first practice dives would be the WWII oil tanker Okikawa Maru, whereas the Princess of the Orient at 120m depth, is great for extreme deep trimix dives.
  • Beautiful and challenging caves at depth ranges from 12m to 60m enable instructors to conduct cave diving courses right here in the Philippines.
  • Deep wall drop-offs present opportunities for great video.
  • We supply manifolded aluminium 80's twin sets, 40 and 80 aluminium deco tanks, and any kind of trimix fill requested – of course we also have a helium analyzer on board. If you need to rent technical dive gear, please check with us in advance, we have several sets available.

Drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind. We can surely accommodate your group and make your technical diving trip in the Philippines a great success!