Scuba dive Apo Reef from Rags Two Liveaboard

Trip 1- Dive the Apo Reef.

Scuba dive Apo Reef from Rags Two Liveaboard

The world's second largest coral reef Apo Reef, offers stunning marine seascapes and an amazing diversity of marine life.

For a detailed description of Apo Reef and the best times to dive there please check out our Dive Sites link.

We normally depart from Puerto Galera in the late afternoon or early evening and arrive at Apo Reef at sunrise, ready to jump in for the first dive!

You can do four dives a day plus a night dive.

We leave Apo late in the afternoon to go back to Puerto Galera or to continue further on to Coron (see Trip 2) .

Add an extra day to dive Merope and Hunter's Rock. As they're outside of the protected Marine Reserve – the corals are not as stunning as Apo Reef– but there is a good chance to see sharks and large pelagic species.

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Apo Island Southeast Point

Quite often this will be your introduction to diving on Apo Reef, simply because there are two mooring buoys positioned on the edge of the drop off and in an ideal location. The current often tends to split here and enables drift dives in either westerly or easterly directions, you just need to swim a couple of meters from the mooring line to the drop off and the ride begins. It pays to be a bit patient though and to just hang around in the area for a while. Fish love this mix of currents and tend to be very busy with feeding, especially in the early hours of the morning. Sooner or later the current will take you smoothly away and then you can experience a very lazy drift dive, ideally along the reefs edge at around 15m. Big schools of jacks, sweetlips and surgeonfish, tunas, whitetip sharks, turtles and many more species are all part of the show.

Every dive here is different from the other and besides the usual reef inhabitants you should be ready for surprise visits from the occasional manta, mobula, blacktip or grey reef sharks. Don't worry about swimming back to Rags II though – she will be there waiting for you when you ascend at the end of your dive.

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Apo Island North Wall

This surely is another great spot! On the surface you will always see the swell breaking over the shallowest part of the reef, nothing to worry about though, because the boat will drop you right on the outer edge of the reef. The wall here goes down very deep and while it is usually not necessary to dive deep at Apo, on this wall you might want to have a look. From December to March, when the water is a bit cooler, there is a good chance to see Hammerhead sharks. Adult grey reef sharks also love this steep wall, but be careful - it is very easy to go too deep here. The Hammerheads tend to stay a good distance away from the wall and usually escape into the abyss when they spot you, so be careful following them, unless you planned this dive on Trimix.

When your bottom time is up the dive is not over at all! Now the cruise in the along the reef starts and if the current is running you have a good chance to see more and more Pelagics on the way. Quite often our divers want to stay down there; because anytime they attempt to swim away from the reef into blue water for an easy boat pick up- another exiting creature appears! Don't worry we can always do a second dive here, if you like!

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Apo Island East Side

This is a dive at a very relaxed pace along the eastern side of the island. Currents tend to be mild here, if there are any at all. So you have time to look for lobsters hiding in the many nooks and crannies. The white sand between the corals on this slightly sloping wall offers a nice contrast and good photo opportunities. Deeper down you can often spot sleeping white-tip sharks and some turtles prefer the shallow parts. The reef top is at 3m!

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