Liveaboard diving in the Philippines.

Yes….you've made the right choice - taking a liveaboard diving trip in the Philippines is probably one of the best holiday decisions you will ever make. We say this with confidence, because of the hundreds of customers that have enjoyed their trips on our boat. So much so that they are still coming back for a third (and fourth) adventure on Rags II.

Our itineraries offer a superb mix of Reef, Wreck and Cave diving – as well as some of the most biodiverse marine life on the planet. Combine this with scenery on a par with Ha Long Bay - and the best sunsets you could imagine, coupled with visibility of 40metres and water temperatures around 28 degs….enough yet? It's a paradise on our doorstep - and we appreciate it all daily.

You could of course choose one of the many resorts dotted around the 7107 islands and dive the local hotspots, but this does restrict you to what the resort has to offer, and if you picked poorly…

Liveaboard diving in the Philippines offers the exclusivity of having your own secluded dive sites in some of the more remote locations, and being able to change those locations if you wish. Apo Reef for example is over 20 miles offshore, and only visited by a select few dive boats, whereas some of the island resorts could have up to 50 boats around.

On trips to Apo we usually encounter White Tips and Grey Reef sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, lots of Tuna, Barracuda and all types of larger shoaling fish. We see lots of Turtles, occasional Mantas and Hammerheads and recently a rare Oceanic Silvertip.

Due to it's remote location we expect the unexpected will pass by at some time or other – and it sometimes does.

If you are an avid wreck diver, we offer the best of diving on the famous WWII Japanese wrecks of Coron Bay. Our experience on these wrecks is second to none, and the vast amount of historical information we have, is researched and compiled by one of the most accomplished researchers in his field. Peter Heimsteadt.

Liveaboard diving - and staying overnight above the wreck gets you in the water before the resort boats arrive.

We have some spectacular caverns that are easy to dive and offer great photo opportunities. Those perfect shots the professional always get, of the divers silhouetted in the cave mouth against the oceans deep blue.

If extreme cave diving is your thing…for those qualified - we have a relatively unknown (in the caving world) system, stretching out to 700m, with a "Nitrox friendly" 31m depth available. We're still finding more in this one everytime we go there.

Join us for real expedition diving.

This year we have started running trips to the Visayas area of central Philippines, and plan to go as far as Southern Leyte. This is new territory for us, but we have great contacts in the area, and have a superb itinerary for the charters already booked. If you'd like to explore with us just drop us a line. Options for diving this area are usually limited to Island hopping, which means packing your gear and moving to different resorts every night. Liveaboard diving on a safari around the islands makes for a lot more diving - and it's easier too.

All in all, we believe we offer the best and most varied liveaboard diving the Philippines has to offer without the expense you'd find on a 'top of the range" boat.

Rags II has all the comforts you need and the personal touch you hope for. Our customers to date have been no less than delighted after enjoying one of the most relaxing, but exciting dive holidays they've ever been on.

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