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We all enjoy the easy life and particularly when on vacation. Why make life for yourself more difficult than it must be? That is where a diving liveaboard comes in and the Rags Two liveaboard dive boat in the Philippines is regularly voted as the best liveaboard in the Philippines.


In lots of cases dive sites for the truly memorable dives do not have much by was of accommodation locally, so it is very common to find divers rising early in the morning to plan their dive, get the necessary kit on board and leave for a long boat trip to the intended dive site.


That certainly is not the case with a liveaboard like Rags Two. During the night the ship will have positioned itself above the dive site with accurate GPS Additionally thanks to GPS Rags Two will be in the same position when you surface after the dive.

Divers will awake to find that they are already in position for the planned dive and after breakfast and dive briefing it is just a matter of falling into the water.


With the more popular dive site this will always get you in the water enjoying your discoveries long before the shore based divers arrive.


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