Best scuba diving - in the Philippines - On a Liveaboard

Many divers, especially newly qualified divers…have misgivings about making a trip on a liveaboard diving boat. It's pretty daunting when you've just made open water and aren't really confident with your buoyancy and think your air consumption is rubbish.

"All those experienced divers will think I'm useless"
"If I run out of air they'll need to end the dive early and it'll be all my fault"
"They'll all be so much better than me because they've been diving for years"

Actually, you couldn't be more wrong…

The truth is - liveaboard diving, especially in the Philippines - is the best way to improve your skills fast. You'd be amazed at how high your confidence level reaches after just a couple of days, and by the end of the trip you'll be a natural born diver.

Because we only cater to small groups there is a more personal atmosphere on Rags, unlike boats full of 20 divers, you get to know friends quickly, and have a great time into the bargain. There's a lot to be said for diving on the best liveaboard in the Philippines.