Rags II is based on a traditional Philippine style 'Banka' with outriggers 27 m long and 4.5 m wide, which makes for a very stable platform to dive from and sleep on.

Rags II is fully equipped with state of the art navigation equipment. Radar, GPS, Depth finders, VHF Radio, Digital charts, Satallite Phone etc.

On board, we have 8 spacious berths in 4 x twin air-conditioned cabins; each cabin has individual lockable storage space and drawers for your personal belongings.

Two bathrooms are available with hot showers and CR – with free soap and shampoo so you don't HAVE to bring your own (more space in the bag for dive gear!).

Our large lounge and dining area seats 12 in comfort and the central TV / DVD / Entertainment system is available for all to use or just laze on the forward sun deck to soak up the rays between dives or when navigating.

There is also a dry charging table for, cameras, lights, batteries or i-Pods.

Our cook prepares many types of sumptuous Philippine and Western food using local seafood and produce. If you're vegetarian, please let us know and we'll cater for you especially.

Be prepared to diet when you get back home!!

The dive deck is spacious – with individual baskets below your allocated tank space, a central table to keep things handy before your dive, and wetsuit hangers for when you get back.

All the diving is from and back to Rags II… No messing about with dinghies or chase boats. Of course, we have them, but prefer to use them for beach hopping to enjoy barbecues under palm trees instead.

Technical divers will surely enjoy our deco bar which supplies Oxygen at the 6m and 3m stop, if conditions allow.

Two Bauer compressors with continuous Enriched Air and Partial Pressure blending systems for Technical Diving allow us to produce any gas mix you wish to use.

Full sets of single, double and deco tanks ensure that all your diving desires can be fulfilled.

We even have a Kayak – in case you'd like to pop off for a paddle – or to snorkel the lagoons.

All in all she's a simple 'no frills' boat – with a great crew. We promise you one of the best diving holidays you could find – anywhere!!