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With more than 7000 Islands – and thousands of kilometers of coastline, one can easily imagine that the Philippines just has to be one of the top diving destinations in the world and probably the most underrated.

This is an area where the Indian Ocean and the Pacific meet, and Marine life from these oceans gather to mingle around our beautiful islands. The biodiversity found on the reefs is simply mind blowing, from Sharks to Frogfish and even Mimic Octopus, if you are lucky – there is an abundance of marine life! – What would you like to see?

Over the centuries the Philippines has had significant historical importance as a trading route for early Chinese merchants, with Malay traders bringing Islam to the southern parts and Spanish galleons laden with gold that crossed over treacherous waters from the coast of Mexico and establishing the Philippines as the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia. The Philippines also was the scene of some of the biggest sea battles history has ever seen during WW II, and is therefore now a fantastic wreck diving destination with many ships still waiting to be found and explored !

As if all this isn't enough – on top off this the Philippines has some great cave and cavern diving to offer as well.

Rags II is the only live-aboard around which can offer tailor-made cave diving trips – be it for full cave dive training courses or for the pure enjoyment of this unique and unbelievably beautiful underwater environment.

Please follow the links to our dive site descriptions – and discover what a great and very affordable vacation you could have in the Philippines – onboard Rags II.

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