We want to say a big "Thank You" to photographers who have contributed their pictures to our website. Namely:

  • Andrey Galitsky
  • Frank Doyle
  • George Wegmann
  • Girts Kravalis
  • Rob Jacobs
  • Peter Heimstaedt
  • Tony Exall

Also to local videographer Rob Jacobs from Calypso Multimedia.

They are available for all kinds of video productions, both above – and below the seas.

A very special "Thank you" goes to Peter Heimstaedt for allowing us to use his tremendous material about the Coron Wrecks.

Basically everything you see on our Coron sites is his work and we are very grateful that he chose Rags II to present this. We are currently working on a complete History chapter using his archives and also a short biography about the man himself.