Cathedral cave diving in Coron.

Located near the southern tip of Coron Island and in front of an unbelievably dramatic backdrop of some of the steepest cliffs you might ever see is the Cathedral Cave. Credits here go Gunter Bernert, the owner of one of the Coron dive shops and a true pioneer in the area – for finding it.

Not much more than a hole in the ocean floor leads into this beautiful cavern. After a few meters swim through the 10m deep entrance tunnel you see daylight again shimmering from the crystal clear water from above. After another 20m swim you will see a submerged tree, if you choose to ascend there you can see the source of the light, which is a big hole on the top of the cave. There are fantastic formations all around and it is a great spot to take some unforgettable group pictures! Descend again and explore the rest of the big cavern, but please don't enter the smaller second chamber behind the first one, unless you have received proper technical overhead environment training and are appropriately equipped! It is only a narrow passage that leads there and the bottom composition is very fine sand, so if you are in there and silt it up, you will probably not find your way back out anymore! You can easily spend the entire duration of the dive inside the cavern and not get bored, but you can also end the dive at the drop off in front of the cave entrance or just do a second dive there. It is a small reef wall, but reaches 30m and features some nice corals and an amazing variety of reef fish.